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(Delaware) New Years Clearout - $ 1

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I've decided to start the new year by going through my ammo supply and selling off the ammo that I no longer have guns for. Here's what's available :
.22lr - CCI MiniMag - 36gr hp - 1650 rnds @ .075/rnd or $115 for all
Remington Goldens @ .06/rnd or $40 for all. $150 for all .22lr's.

40S&W - Freedom Munitions 180gr RNFP - 198 rnds $42
Freedom Munitions 180gr XTP HP - 37 rnds $18
Remington 180gr HTP - 24 rnds for $12
Federal 155gr JHP - 250 rnds $125
All .40S&W for $185.


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