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Various Brass Cases For Trade For Almost Anything

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I'm doing some early spring cleaning, and looking to trade some brass for something comparable (or something more than comparable and I could add some cash). I have:


2 and ¼ quart buckets of .308 (brass)
½ quart bucket of 30-30 (brass)
1 quart bucket of 7.62x39 (mostly steel)
¼ bucket of 7.62x39 (brass)
1 quart bucket of 7.62x54R (mostly steel)
100 cases of 38 special (mostly Nickel coated brass)
150 cases of .357 (all nickel coated brass)
25 cases of 40 S&W


I also have some 35gr .223 and some very heavy .223 bullets as well (bullets only, not completed ammo).


Looking for: 20 Gauge shotgun (obviously I'd add $$$); slings, lee dies for 30-06, tight ammo cans, 20 gauge Lee load-all press, woodworking tools, small bike (like a 100 or 250 - not running - but not seized - is fine), or anything else you might have and might not want.



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