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(Omaha) All types of guns for cheap - $ 2,400

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I need some money so I’m selling off a few guns I don’t need I’m willing to trade for them too send me cash or trade offers at 424-285-3258
1.)pistol .32acp 1903 colt hammerless mfg.1915 comes with original colt holster and magazine and a magazine of Speer hollow points-700$

2.)pistol .32acp savage mfg-1907 comes with a full magazine as well might have some extra magazines I’ll find both the .32s have European mag releases-400$

3.) singleshot rifle 30-30 savage model 219b quieter then a lever action-350$

4.) pump action 16 gauge Ithaca 37 featherlight bottom loads and bottom ejects not out the side like a Remington or mossberg never model has a QuickTake down barrel and a short and long barrel with it in perfect condition-400$

5.) pump action 12 gauge Ithaca 37 featherlight like the last is bottom ejects as well older model with solid barrel has lost some of the original finish on barrel I was going to send it into Ithaca to be rebuilt with a riot gun barrel but have too many projects believe it’s only 2 3/4-300$

6.) 12 gauge pride of Spain sxs, missing foregrip I’ve never even attempted to fire it you could find a new foregrip on eBay I bought it in a group lot of shotguns back in Vegas basically got it for nothing it’s stamped P.O.S there known to be pieces of shit-50$

7.) 5.56 ar15 colt upper carry handle chrome lined barrel f marked front night sight magtactical lower alg combat trigger it’s crisp nice trigger and have ran a few thousand rounds with no malfunction comes with a few mags and a safariland stock much nicer then cheap milspec collapsible stocks-700$


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