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  1. Wish you all your best year yet!

    Wish you all your best year yet! Source
  2. Haven’t had time to make an “event” so I’m Just going to post here. January 7th will be our first club match of 2018. We will start at 8:30 and I have made an “executive” decision not to do pistol on this match. I know some will be happy and and some will be upset. We will do pistol at the next one. Again, start time is 8:30. You will need about 80 rifle rounds. If you don’t mind, I’d love a head count for the lunch. Price is $50. Look forward to seeing you all and Happy New Year! Thanks, Lisa Source
  3. RIFLES ONLY, Inc. updated their cover photo. Source
  4. Registration for the Brawl opens tomorrow at 10am. https://www.riflesonly.com/competitions If you need to defer payment until after Christmas use the promo code 2018BRAWL at checkout. Source
  5. The last weekly deal before Christmas!

    Last weekly deal before Christmas The last weekly deal before Christmas! This week we are are putting 3 things on sale. First, the KitFox firearm coloring book is being knocked to from $15 to $10. Our long sleeve Next Level t-shirt is being lowered from $25 to $15. Last but not least we are reducing our MAD suppressor covers from $84.95 to $65. Source
  6. That makes 2 rattlers in a weeks time. Hard to imagine when we had 9” of snow yesterday. Source
  7. Something isn’t right

    Something isn’t right Source
  8. Had a visitor today . This rattler was by the bunkhouse. He was about 5.5’. Source
  9. Weekly Deals

    Don’t Miss out! Weekly Deals We will be doing weekly specials on some amazing products. We promise we won’t fill your inbox with tons of ads but we will send out a quick note for the next few weeks when we have a new product on sale. Source
  10. Cyber Monday Sales going all day.

    Cyber Monday Sales going all day. https://www.riflesonly.com/black-friday-through-cyber-monday-sale Source
  11. Today we received a box of black rifle coffee! It did not say who it was from. Whoever sent this, thank you! Can you send Lisa a message or an email so we know who sent this? Very much appreciated! Source
  12. Happy Halloween!

    Happy Halloween! Source