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  2. .223 Wylde 20" bull barrel upper with charge handle. NEW. Never mounted to a lower. Ended up with a RockRiver bull a week later and never used this one. Asking $300 View attachment 131127 View attachment 131128 View attachment 131129 View attachment 131130 CLICK HERE TO REPLY TO CLASSIFIED
  3. Flawless custom-made Hendrix drop point hunter (serial #704). 3.75" stainless blade, mirror polished. Curly maple handle. New, never used. Along with the guns, I'm selling off my knives too. Wayne Hendrix, along with Dale Howe, is one of my favorites. $260.00 if I have to ship. $250.00, FTF. If you order from Wayne it's $395.00 and about a year wait. Comes with Wayne's handmade sheath. Bob View attachment 131114 CLICK HERE TO REPLY TO CLASSIFIED
  4. This CZ P-10c OWB holster is *new and unused*. For the right side, canted, 1.5" inch belt loops, black, leather winged. Priced at $75. delivered. *No further price reduction on this item and no trades are needed.* Payment would be by a USPS or bank money order or by paypal. Below are some links to more information about the holster. http://www.blackpointtactical.com/shop/leather-wing/ View attachment 125409 View attachment 125410 ... WTS: New BLACKPOINT Tactical OWB leather winged (CZ P-10c) holster * Pics * CLICK HERE TO REPLY TO CLASSIFIED
  5. I have four, 500 round case of Speer Gold Dot 64gr (part# 24448) in unopened boxes - all from the same Lot. ––-> Cash Price: $550 for 1000 rnds. ––-> Cash Price: $1000 for 2000 rnds. ––-> Trades: None FTF at Shell station in Manvel on Hwy 288 and Highway 6 (17510 Morris Ave, Manvel, TX 77578) View attachment 131352 ** Cross Posted in other forums ** CLICK HERE TO REPLY TO CLASSIFIED
  6. I bought this, and used it a few times, thinking I might get excited about shooting targets more. I have put less than 100 rounds through it in the three years I’ve owned it. This pistol is my go-to when hog hunting, so it gets muddy and messy often, I put the factory barrel in to keep from ruining this nice one. It dropped right into my G22, and works great. It is a little tighter chamber than the factory, so your ammunition needs to be spot on. If you’re meticulous about your loads, it... WTS - DFW - Wilson Combat barrel for Glock 22 CLICK HERE TO REPLY TO CLASSIFIED
  7. Gen 1 razor with vortex matched rings (made by seekins), sap throw lever and defender caps. Just returned from vortex after getting checked over before the sale. 1300ftf or 1375 shipped View attachment 131252 View attachment 131253 View attachment 131254 CLICK HERE TO REPLY TO CLASSIFIED
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  9. Back in the market with reduced price. (Buyer did not deliver his promise to purchase at another site and I can't unlock my original post) I have a black UCIW Ultra Compact Stock Kit for sale. I dremeled the lower end/tip of the buffer tube. just a touch so it would index properly with the buffer retaining pin. It's very small and can't see it when installed (see pics). Also, comes with ambi receiver end plate. Shipped for $70. It was installed on my 7.5" 300 Blackout SBR with less than... $70 UCIW Ultra Compact Stock Kit. CLICK HERE TO REPLY TO CLASSIFIED
  10. Crossposted on Texas Gun Trader 7.62X54R: 880 rounds of russian surplus in ammo cans. Will split into two lots of 440(just like a spam can) - $350 or $175 each 109 rounds of monarch steel case + two pouches + three stripper clips for Mosin Nagant - $100 20 rounds of Czech silver tip - $12 7.62x51 / .308: 60 rounds of American Eagle 7.62x51 40 rounds of PPU 7.62x51 20 rounds of American Eagle .308 20 rounds of Hotshot .308 20 rounds of Federal Fusion .308 Selling altogether at $85 Cash... 7.62x54R + 7.62x51/.308 ammo Denton / North Texas CLICK HERE TO REPLY TO CLASSIFIED
  11. Entry level 6-24x optic. Used on my .223 Wylde chambered varmitter. Holds zero, clear enough glass for a several hundred yards of shooting. Comes with 1" rings and sun hood. Used to get these off Amazon for around $110. In excellent condition. Has a box. Asking $50. View attachment 131123 View attachment 131124 View attachment 131125 View attachment 131126 CLICK HERE TO REPLY TO CLASSIFIED
  12. Brand-new, never mounted Leupold 6x42mm gloss finish w/duplex reticle. Newest Leupold FX 3 optics. Box and all paperwork. $285.00 if I have to mail. $270.00 FTF somewhere close to New Braunfels. Gloss-finished scopes are almost impossible to find now. List on these is $550.00. Discount prices are around $400.00. View attachment 130792 View attachment 130793 Brand-new Weaver Jap-made K4 Classic 4X. This is just like the new Weaver Classics, except with a Gloss finish and... (New Braunfels) New Leupold & Weaver Scopes CLICK HERE TO REPLY TO CLASSIFIED
  13. WTB Griffin Armament flash comp 14.5 inch colt heavy socom barrel with m203 cuts Bushmaster lower (classic logo rollmark) Colt LE lower (restricted rollmark) Patriot Ordinance Factory rattler .233 charging handle Patriot Ordinance Factory .223 Anti tilt buffer tube Rogers Super stoc CLICK HERE TO REPLY TO CLASSIFIED
  14. Less than 50 rounds through. Comes with a 20 round Mag. Retails for 1099. asking 800 , 950 for rifle with scope mounted, scope is 4x12x50 Bushnell Trophy XLT. Call or Text 541 6seven1 0474 CLICK HERE TO REPLY TO CLASSIFIED
  15. From the makers of the original Bushmaster , some say its better than Colt ,if you know the story you know these are made by great workers for good people. Ladies and Gentleman, Lets give it up for modern Americas finest AR 15 rifle! Less than 50 rounds through it. upgraded with a Magpul CRT stock! fuck Ruger ar 556 and the S&W M&P 15 this is the one you want PRICE REDUCED!!! local face to face transactions prefered. no mag included, no rear sight. CLICK HERE TO REPLY TO CLASSIFIED
  16. For sale or trade are four Springfield Armory OEM magazines for the 9mm XD-S; two 8-round and two 9-round. Comes with two mag holsters, one gun holster, and eight hand molds (four sizes total). I'd prefer not to part anything out, and will meet anywhere on the West side (I live in Hillsboro). As for trades, I'm open to whatever. Gun accessories and ammo are good; 9mm, .45, .223/5.56, 7.62x39/51. CLICK HERE TO REPLY TO CLASSIFIED
  17. Remington 870 super mag. Almost new only been used for trap shooting. Selling it because I never shoot it anymore. Asking $300 CLICK HERE TO REPLY TO CLASSIFIED
  18. Dickinson 12 GA Semi-auto shotgun for sale. Have owned it for 3 years and has performed well in the blind. Selling it in order to upgrade to a nicer shotgun. Great fun to get into Waterfowl or Just shooting in general. Comes with stock chokes and case for chokes. Asking $200. CLICK HERE TO REPLY TO CLASSIFIED
  19. Have several handguns up for sale. I am near Hondo but work in NW San Antonio so can meet there as well. 1. CZ P-02 Was the first version of the P-01 with the omega trigger system, has the alloy frame with the safety (not convertible). Comes with 1 14rd mag and a case (not original case) $550. 2. New in box Walther PPK/S 22lr comes with everything it came with new (1 10rd mag) and have added the extended threaded barrel. $320 3. Yugo M57 Tokarev 7.62x25 In great condition has a... Pistols, CZ P02, Rough Riders, Walther 22, Yugo M57 (Hondo/SA) CLICK HERE TO REPLY TO CLASSIFIED
  20. I'm in need of 100rds of 9mm sd ammo 124 or 147gr HST, Speer or Ranger I have an abundance of Ranger .45acp 230g Or Gold dot .40 180g I can trade Or cash CLICK HERE TO REPLY TO CLASSIFIED
  21. Brand new manners elite hunter 1 adjustable cheek rest and length of pull. Stock is inlet for Remington 700 long action bdl bottom metal. Barrel contour is proof research sendero. Stock has pillars installed and has badger picatinny bipod rail. Stock takes 6 months to receive from manners, get it now no wait time . Price is $950 shipped to your door. CLICK HERE TO REPLY TO CLASSIFIED
  22. ANIB, very low round count. Hogue grips added (originals included). FFL required. CLICK HERE TO REPLY TO CLASSIFIED
  23. Good condition Yogoslavian SKS M59/66 7.62 x 39 Grenade launcher and sights still intact. Comes with a metal GI style clip as well as a polymer clip, both are 30 round clips. 30 stripper clips included in the deal. TRADE is always welcome. I value this at $ 450.00 and would be more than happy to review trades in this dollar amount. Please feel free to text your ideas to me 503-260-1445. Trade Ideas : Other guns-pistols or rifles are just fine Ammo CLICK HERE TO REPLY TO CLASSIFIED
  24. I just brought another K series Scout and this other is on the selling block. K series frontier scout. Serial 34980K. 1967. Box is in very good condition as is interior. Small turn line. Only blemish is a scratch is on left hand grip. See pic. Feel free to pm me here or text me at 512 947 5537 with any questions or if you need more pics. $625. I take cash if you are near Pflugerville, Texas I can meet you from Jarrell to south Austin to Leander to Manor. I will be in Bastrop Wednesday... Colt Frontier Scout 1967 Mint with wood box PayPal (Pflugerville) CLICK HERE TO REPLY TO CLASSIFIED
  25. I believe this is from around 1987. Colt Officers Series 80 MK IV. Nice shape with minimal if any signs of use. Matching original box. I am mainly looking to sell, but will look at your trade ideas also. Willing to ship from the local gunshop, you pay transfer and shipping. US Currency, gold, silver. If you have any questions please put some thought in your composition, emails having "is it available" or something similar will be considered some POS from Nigeria looking for my bank account info. Thanks CLICK HERE TO REPLY TO CLASSIFIED
  26. have a brand new in box completely unfired beretta m9 for sale.....asking just 500.00 cash for it.....no trades or lower offers please.....located in tanasborne Hillsboro... CLICK HERE TO REPLY TO CLASSIFIED
  27. Arsenal 107f with 4 Bakelite magazines, 1 pmag, wood handgaurds and magpul handguards, 2 bakelite grips, one magpul grip. 2 Tula bakelites 2 izvhesk bakelites (one has hard to find steel feedlips, interesting coloration and beautiful grain pattern and all inspection marks) 1 pmag 2 Bakelite grips (one orange one purple) 1 magpul grip 1 magpul handguard trianguale folding stock wooden handgaurds Polymer surplus Russian AK100 series handguard hasn’t shown up in mail yet but will include (even if I have to mail it to you) 200 or so rounds of ammo and whatever else I can find laying around Ar15 folding stock adapter These Arsenal’s are one of the best AKs we as civilians can buy. Better fitment than a Saiga and no converting needed. these are not the typical hit or miss century AKs found used at Cabelas. Mikhail Kalashnikov even commented in an interview and said they are one of the best made. Made in the Circle Ten factory that also makes makarovs. All original parts. Never had a jam with this AK. I have been hitting pop cans at 100 yards easily with this. It is more accurate than my go to AR which will now be getting rebuilt as an AK beat it. Very nice trigger and very smooth action. No rust on rifle. CLICK HERE TO REPLY TO CLASSIFIED
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